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Horse Boarding

Here at Little Grizzly Ranch, we believe that each horse's needs are unique. We work tirelessly to achieve the right housing, lifestyle, and feeding program for each and every horse. 


Hay Quality:

Little Grizzly Ranch provides all hay. We feed a low-sugar alfalfa / timothy grass mix. We keep miniature horses, ponies, quarter horses, Arabians, and draft horses on this hay and have not encountered founder or laminitis issues in over twenty years of feeding. Our hay is always stored covered and checked carefully for any mold or weeds. 

The best location

If you love riding outside, Little Grizzly Ranch is the place to be. We are located in a forested, mountainous area with beautiful trails. The gulch keeps wind to a pleasant minimum.  

We are only TWO MILES from downtown Helena. You can spend less time driving and more time enjoying your horse! 

Indoor round pen:

Boarders are given priority for riding time in our indoor round pen. The arena is never used as a storage shed or garage. 


We have a quiet, drama-free environment. This is a place for easy going trail and ranch riders.

Budget friendly pricing: 

We understand that the economy is not at its best. We allow a choice of payment plans to help make ownership easier for horse people.  

Basic board begins at 

$300 on the first of each month. 

$160 on the first of each month, $160 on the 15th of each month. 

$85 on each Friday. 

add on's available

Thanks for submitting!

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