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Our Story

Nestled in the mountains just five minutes from Helena, Montana, Little Grizzly Ranch, L.L.C is a dream come to life. The Little Grizzly is home to Sleigh Rides, Wagon Rides, a bunk house Airbnb rental, and currently serves as home base for Jessica Johnson (formerly Plancich) horsemanship. 

As we evolve and expand, our vision always remains the same: to honor western heritage, steward what is given to us, and pass these great traditions on to the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls. 

About our Sleigh and Wagon Rides

We are excited to share sleigh and wagon rides pulled by our Suffolk Punch draft horse. The Suffolk punch is an endangered breed greatly worth preserving. A forested mountain trail makes a great location for a scenic and entertaining ride.


About Jessica Johnson's Horsemanship Program 

The Little Grizzly Ranch Horseback riding program is headed up by Jessica Johnson, who holds a bachelor's degree in Natural Horsemanship - Equine Science from the University of Montana Western's hands on Program. Jessica grew up horseback and has given quality lessons to hundreds of students using Natural Horsemanship theories.

Because it breaks difficult tasks down into smaller, achievable pieces, and aligns with a horse's innate psychology, Natural Horsemanship is an excellent base for all other disciplines, whether it be reining or dressage, trails, barrel racing, or ranch work. 

We strive to teach natural horsemanship's core concepts to students. 

1. Pressure and Release.

2. Feel and Timing.

3. Making the right thing easy for the horse.

Equitation and balance of the rider is another key focus of our riding lesson program. 'Equitation' or 'proper riding posture' is not just about looks! It is based on physics and has a huge impact on the safety and effectiveness of any rider. Did you know that something as simple as holding the reins incorrectly can throw the rest of your body out of position and hinder your riding?

Learning equitation and proper balance in motion will open up a world of possibilities for a rider.

And Help For Horse

If your horse is struggling to pick up correct leads

or isn't responsive the moment you ask for a stop,

 If you are transitioning from a snaffle to a more advanced bit per show regulations,

Or if something just isn't quite clicking. 

Taking small group or private lessons with your horse can be a tremendous help. 

We are happy to provide references or talk horses any time! 

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