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Little Grizzly Ranch

Pony Rides & Horse Adventures

For the love of horses

Pony in Field

Pony Ride

Ages 4 to 18

This is a hand-led ride through the woods on the Ranch's private trails. 30 minutes actively riding. 

$49 per rider

Horse Adventure

Ages 9 to 18

This is a guided ride in the arna and through the woods on the ranch's private trails. Riders will be either hand-led or closely guided depending on their comfort level. One hour actively riding. 150 lb. weight limit

$99 per rider

Max weight 160 lbs

Horse Whisperer


Can Grown Ups Ride?

Can my mature 3 year old child ride?

Pony rides / horse adventures are for kids!

Our current horse herd consists mainly of older horses who enjoy a light work load. We do not provide pony rids or horse adventures for riders over 150 pounds or for adults at this time. 

Children must be at least four years of age on the day of their appointment. This is an insurance rule and is not negotiable. 

What is the difference between pony rides / horse adventures and riding lessons?

Pony Rides / Horse Adventures are an entertainment and recreation activity. Participants are not taught the skills that they would be taught in our riding lesson program or allowed to go faster than a trot. A wrangler will control the animal by leading or ponying. 

Do I need an appointment? 

When can you fit me In?

What if my child would like to go faster and or learn more advanced riding?

Yes! Please plan as far in advance as possible. Pony Rides and Horse adventures are often booked several weeks out. We do not allow drop-ins. 

Please email for a current schedule. 

We currently have openings July 2024 and August 2024. (last updated 6-15-24)

Please see our Riding Lesson Program page for more information. Use of our lesson program is for the rider who can commit to riding at the same time each week for at least eight consecutive weeks.

I am an Olympic medalist rider from Mars who is in town for one day and I would like to take your most loved horse off trail, galloping recklessly across the steep mountains that are covered in sharp rocks and gopher holes where he could break a leg, then jump canyons like the movie Spirit.  I think this is a reasonable requiest for X reasons. 


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